1/48 Hobbyboss Su-27

1/48 Hobbyboss Su-27

After watching the Ukrainian Flanker’s demonstration at RIAT this summer, I wanted to build one.  So I did.

The Hobbyboss 1/48 Su-27 seemed a decent kit, so I found the model that was closest to the Ukrainian ones.  The Ukrainian digital camouflage is being applied to aircraft that have been modernised, but there don’t seem to be many external changes.  The Hobbyboss kit also includes a selection of instrument panels, one of which is a close match to the photos I was seeing of the Ukrainian cockpits, so that was convenient.

My last experience with Hobbyboss had been the Eduard “Danger Zone” boxing of their F-14a, about a year before I started this blog.  It’s the high-vis F-14 in the header photo carousel.  I didn’t especially like that kit: every step seemed to go wrong, and at the time I thought the base kit was the problem.  Looking back, I think it’s more likely to have been the extensive resin and photoetch parts, since I definitely lacked the skills to integrate them properly.

This kit was very nice to build.  Construction is straightforward, the fit is decent and there are no complicated bits or things that can go horribly wrong.  They also put some really nice touches, like different-length locating tabs on the two vertical stabilisers so you can’t get them the wrong way round.

To recreate one of these modernised Flankers I needed a set of masks for the camo and the appropriate markings.  Foxbot handily provide both.  Their decals were fine.  The masks are a vinyl type which was reasonable, but not as resilient as the Oramask 810, nor as easy to conform as the sticky paper type.

MRP produces specific colours for this scheme: Ukraine AF Blue, Ukraine AF Dark Blue, Ukraine AF Grey, and Ukraine AF Pale Blue.  They are excellent as ever, and everyone who has seen the model agrees that it is indeed, “Ukraine AF”.

These aircraft haven’t been in service very long, so references show them being very clean.  Clean aircraft are an unusual thing for me, but I think it came out reasonably well.

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