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Since the announcement that Wingnut Wings’ first effort outside of their typical First World War subject matter will be a 1/32 scale Lancaster, I’ve heard a lot of people get very excited about it.  I’ve also heard a few ask whether this move makes sense for the company and whether we can expect to see any further kits from later eras.

In this article, I’m going to show why this makes business sense, and what this might mean for the future.

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One of the interesting aspects of business strategy is that doing something different to everyone else is often successful, so why do the majority of managers want to do exactly what their counterparts in the competition are doing?  I guess it’s easier to justify a decision when it’s “best practice”, rather than finding an argument that “best practice” is simply “what works for those guys, and we keep saying we’re different to them”.

In this blog I intend to show the ways in which this approach is affecting companies in one industry (scale model manufacturers), why they have fallen into this trap, compare and contrast two manufacturers and show how different strategies are valid.

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