I’ll build you a model!


If you like my style and would like me to build you something specific, feel free to ask.  Just complete the form below and we can discuss your desires.  Adding custom insignia to represent a specific aircraft (eg Grandad’s 1940 Spitfire) is usually quite possible, and of course you can specify how you want it to look, from factory fresh, through matching a specific photograph, to heavily worn.


To keep things simple, I work on a three-tiered fixed-price structure based on the size and complexity of the model.  These generally map well to specific scales, though some especially large subjects (heavy bombers for example) will generally bump up to the next tier.

Tier Price Includes: Example:
Outsize £2000
  • 1/32 heavy bombers (B-17, Lancaster etc)
  • 1/32 large jets (Su-27 or similar)
  • 1/200 very large ships
I will add a representative photo once I have built one of these huge models.
Large £1000
  • 1/24 props
  • 1/32 jets
  • 1/200 ships
Medium £750
  • 1/32 props
  • 1/48 jets
  • 1/350 large ships

Small £500
  • 1/48 props
  • 1/350 small ships