Favourite tools

Here are some things I really appreciate.  I don’t have any commercial relationships with these people (well, not ones that involve them giving me money, I just buy their stuff) but these make enough of a difference to be worth sharing.


  • Tamiya 123 side cutters remove parts from sprues really neatly and easily.  I also have the non-123 model which are great for trimming off PE.
  • Micro Chisel.  I wasn’t sure how useful this would be, but it is amazing.  There is nothing better for getting into corners to clean up clumsy ejection pins and sprue gates.
  • Sprue Goo (excess sprue dissolved in Tamiya Extra Thin glue) has been a revelation.  It is by far the easiest filler to work with and scribes just like plastic, because it is.


  • Gunze PS-770 0.18 airbrush.  This has allowed me so much more control when spraying small details and patterns.  Definitely worth the money.  It is basically an Iwata Custom Micron at about half the price.


  • Kolibri 0/5, 0/10, 0/20 fine point brushes.  These are incredible for doing tiny details, and make it so easy to paint a really nice cockpit.


  • MR Paint airbrush lacquers.  I love this stuff, it’s what I always imagined airbrushing would be like.  It sprays small patterns well, layers nicely to make interesting colour effects, and dries really fast.
  • MR Paint Aqueous.  Waterbased acrylics that brush on well, give good coverage, and dry smooth.  Big range of colours and really nothing not to like.
  • Kcolors metallics.  Normally foolproof ease of use trumps everything for me, but these look so good that I’m willing to put up with the less than simple requirements.
  • GX2 gloss black.  This stuff isn’t a primer, but it is the best base for metallic finishes.  Put it on over bare plastic and you get a really smooth, shiny finish that is surprisingly hard wearing.


  • Everything sold at Anyz.io.  Tom Anyz is a detail lunatic whose tiny detail parts, stencil and dial decals, braided wire etc just make it easy and effective to add a little more to a kit.